This archive includes images of Italian social and political history from 1890 onwards, including historical pictures of the Vatican, the Savoia Royal Family and the period of Fascism

Alberto Cartoni was Benito Mussolini's official photographer. The original glass slides, most previously unknown, were discovered by Umberto Cicconi, approximately fifty years after Cartoni's death.

Appetiti, a famous Italian photographer of the "Ventennio" (The First World War Italian Age), collected images of the main Vatican events of the era and other examples of daily life of that time.

Umberto Cicconi's archive spans Italian political and social life from 1979 to 2000. This archive in an important witness to the life and work of the politician Bettino Craxi. Many important meetings between foreign heads of state are represented in this collection.

An important collection of almost one thousand black and white stock photographs of Italian life.
Many of these photos are included in important publications